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Guest mix by Adnan Jakubovic

Adnan Jakubovic (Photo 6)

Adnan Jakubovic is the next guest of “Miracles Music podcast”.

We asked Adnan a few questions to introduce him to our listeners.

Adnan Jakubovic (Photo 16)

Well, for start could you tell our readers a few words about yourself. Who is Adnan, what does he do, and where does he come from?

Hi guys, thank you for inviting me to make this mix and interview. My name is Adnan Jakbovic and I am a music producer, DJ, digital marketing specialist, and founder of Big Bells Records and Big Bells Digital agency. I am also a graduate lawyer and human rights activist. I have been a DJ for 15 years and producer for 10 years. I am coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in the past 4 years, I am living in Stuttgart, Germany. Since 2020 I moved more my focus from producing music to more mixing and leading my label Big Bells Records, and my digital marketing and branding agency called Big Bells Digital.

Could you tell us more about your Big Bells Records and Big Bells Digital?

Well, my Big Bells Records as an idea is there for many years, maybe since 2013 or 2014, but I started my label in 2019. It came from my podcast series Big Bells Podcast which is active since 2013 and it is still played monthly on Proton Radio from San Francisco. Big Bells Records is a digital electronic music label that is part of Proton SoundSystem with a focus on releasing electronic music, mostly progressive house, organic house, and melodic techno. In the past 3 years my label released music from producers like Weird Sounding Dude, Nishan Lee, Gate 44, Bodai, Aman Anand, Echo Daft, Shanil Alox, AudioStorm, myself, and many others.
Big Bells Digital is creative and media agency that I created with the goal of helping music producers, DJs, labels, and all other people from the music and art world to promote their work and talent using digital and social media channels. I learned in my own example how hard is to get a good promotion. How you must have a good and relevant appearance on social media, so the social media algorithm will “like you” and allow you to reach more audiences, fans, and supporters. This costs time, resources, and knowledge, and producers and DJs should focus their time to be more in the studio and not on social media, so my agency is here to help them save their time and on right way promote their music for them. In the past two years, I learned a lot about how social media is working and how it’s constantly changing and now my Big Bells Digital serves services like professional paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube, Website design & SEO, Design, Social Media Management, Social Media Consulting, Content Marketing and more.

How and where do you find your inspiration?

I was the first raver, then I became DJ, then producer and podcast creator and labels owner, and now as I said I have a marketing and music agency. As you can see I was always in music because music is simply something you love, something that gives you joy, put a smile on your face, and gives you happiness. I will do this always I think, but sometimes I have more or less time for music, but it’s always with me, in my car when I drive, in my headphones when I walk, or on my TV on Youtube when I chill. Inspiration for me is simply the feelings I get when I listen to music.

What are your Top 3 Songs right now?

I listen to a lot of new and old tunes, but my top 3 are now.

  1. Shanil Alox – Darkness Within [Big Bells Records]
  2. Ben Böhmer & Tinlicker feat. Felix Raphael – Run Away [Anjunadeep]
  3. Forty Cats & Mango – Symbols [Juicebox Music]

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