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Guest mix by RM


RM is the next guest of “Miracles Music podcast”.

RM grafiti

Welcome RM and thank you for joining to Miracles Music records family. Well, for start could you tell our readers a few words about yourself. Who is RM, what he do and from where does he comes?

Namaste! My nickname is RM. I’m Dj and promoter, one of the few representatives of the underground music in Kriviy Rih, Ukraine.  I have been playing for a long time. At one time, with a team, at the local level, I organized a series of parties and festivals for a guys, like a same mind people. But now I don’t belong to any group!

What are your favorite releases, music projects, releases, gigs?

Musical preference: Electro\Breakbeat\Techno. I regularly record guest mixes that can be listened to on such podcasts as: PARADIGMA, Unknown Syndicate, IIIYM909, Miracles Music, HYTEK, JagervibesUA, KRASAVA35, sesiones FM, GSTLT Therapy, True Devoted, SEKTA…

Promotion of music is a really big challenge today. What is the hardest thing for you, where do you see the main problem in promoting your and your label music?

I think the main problem is ignoring! Ignoring the opportunity to be heard! Promoted advertising groups are not always interested in new names!  Some of them gave a  feedback, and this is a very important aspect for a beginner or a little-known artist!  (thanks to everyone who answered my messages). In 2020, podcasting has become a tool for me to express myself! I met very cool guys who supported me and liked the music I played!
Thanks them very much for that!  Really good when you have the opportunity to be heard, despite the weight of your name or country of origin!  By the way, a huge respect to the dudes from Siberia and ECB!  I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback and sociability, which can not be said about most of our artists!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Mine inspiration depends on the emotional state! We can be guided by both positive emotions and negative ones!  Everyone broadcasts what is acceptable with!

For the end tell us your top three favorite tunes at the moment?

I listen to a lot of new and old tunes, but my top 3 are now.

  1. Route 8 feat. Quails – Tomorrow Comes Today
  2. Ryan James Ford – Tunic
  3. Anthony Rother – Back Home

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