GMD Miracles Studio

GMD Miracles Studio

GMD Miracles Studio

We offer you a fully professional recording studio in Wroclaw.

The rooms of our studio have been made based on a specialist acoustic project.

The studio uses acoustic structures such as:

  • wooden acoustic diffusers (diffusing acoustic waves)
  • bass traps designed for a given room, based on previously made measurements and appropriately selected absorbent materials

Thanks to the previously made project and application of the above-mentioned materials in accordance with the project, we managed to achieve very good acoustic parameters of the studio rooms. The reverberation time is aligned in the entire band (about 0.7 sec. For the recording room and about 0.4 sec. For the director).

In the studio there is a limited number of standing waves due to the appropriate proportions of room dimensions, non-parallel walls and the use of a large number of diffusers and bass traps.

Acoustic instruments such as percussion sound particularly well in our studio.


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